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Starting a business online is expensive. In 2008, a black entrepreneur name Raymond Aker started an online company By 2011, the online company earned $1.2 million.

The online cleaning service is the brainchild of Aker along with three co-founders: O’Brian Woods, chief operating officer; and husband and wife team Gavin Stone, chief technology officer, and Candice Stone, chief marketing officer. The site is a marketplace for consumers who want reputable, cost-effective housecleaning services. Customers choose the type of service they want – e.g. house cleaner, window cleaner, or eco-friendly cleaning services. The customer types in the ZIP code for a list of quotes from local cleaning professionals.

Since the dawn of civilization, corporate greed has dominated the lifestyles of citizens to benefit their only purpose: power. Such as the mega, giant Enron who sold crack as start-up cash, price gouged CA for her energy, and caused an established accounting firm to collapse because of deviant behavior.

Even though some site owners consider Google’s algorithms a threat for black business owners to network, the truth of the matter is Google’s focus is to serve quality content to their users. In fact, I doubt if the bots know the difference between a black establishment and any other. For those seasoned, the enigmas’ Panda, Penguin and the all Seeing Eye Hummingbird are no surprise.

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How important is it to use SEO from the start? Search engine optimization is the work that you will do to increase online visibility for your site so that the odds increase for your site to rank higher in the search results. However, there is more involved to optimization than PR.

Instead of viewing search engine optimization as if it is the elixir of stone, view it as a skeletal structure that outlines your marketing strategy. Most sight owners will apply SEO after the site is completed. You may wait until it feels right; however, this is a fast-paced moving market. Internet marketing is aggressive. Instead of prolonging what you will need to be successful, why not start using it now.

Guest blogging is and will remain the best avenue to promote your site. However, as Matt Cutts explains, there is the right way to post articles as a guest and an overly aggressive approach that is sure to get you band.


HULU the Internet streaming video service, listed on the auction, was not accepting any bid less than seven figures. Facebook the social media giant is worth over 67.8 billion dollars. These and other Internet giants are able to make claims to their fortune since they own the copyright and source files to their websites.

Starting a black owned business on the Internet is the same as opening a business in a strip mall. A mixture of business owners owns strip mall stores from the solo-entrepreneur to franchise owners. The word “franchise” literally means free. Franchising offers people the freedom to own, manage, and direct their own business; however, the franchisor is the one who owns the rights to the name or trademark of the business.